Unit Formation

During the past year, the North Carolina Association of Parliamentarians has experienced a sizable increase of new members joining our state association.  We are always excited to welcome new members.

The Board of Directors has been working on ways NCAP can successfully provide opportunities to broaden the knowledge of our newest members and strengthen the knowledge of our long-time members.  We have had two successful educational workshops via Zoom this past year and plan to schedule others in the months ahead.

NCAP encourages the formation of units within the membership of the association. Often, a unit can address the special desires or needs of their members in a more frequent and informal manner than the state association.  As a new member, you may be interested in forming an in-person unit in your community.  NAP has excellent resources including a new unit kit and sample unit bylaws on their website: www.parliamentarians.org .

NCAP has credentialed members who are willing to assist you in your endeavors. Therefore, if you desire to consider forming a unit, please take the first step by contacting NCAP officially so we may be of assistance to you tfnelson@ec.rr.com